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Many Advantages of Choosing PHP Hosting

The Many Advantages of Choosing PHP Hosting

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Since PHP saw it’s first public release in 1995, it has become the world’s most popular web development language. Rasmus Lerdorf, the founder of PHP, needed a solution to his websites crumbling under traffic. Out of this need came PHP and PHP hosting, which now powers around 244 million websites worldwide. Many of today’s popular content management systems, including WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal, are built on PHP.

Why all the hubbub over PHP hosting? Let’s take a look at some of the reasons behind the popularity of this web development language.

  • Open Source – Allows universal access via free license and redistribution including any improvements by anyone, to anyone. Because of it’s collaborative nature, PHP is simpler to use by many.
  • Cross-Platform – Enables operating across many different platforms, hence operating systems (Windows, Mac, and UNIX).
  • Ease of Use – Usually comes pre-configured through hosting services, but can be easily modified. PHP is easy to understand and learn, especially if you have any background in C, javascript, or HTML.
  • Scalability – If your website is receiving more traffic than initially figured, it is simple to scale up or down.
  • Support – Due to PHP’s considerable popularity, there is an ample support network readily available.
  • Flexibility – PHP hosting is flexible with all types of applications (Apache, Nginix, or other web server software, SQL, NoSQL, or memcache).
  • Speed – Utilizes it’s own inherent memory, which reduces the load on servers and improves the processor’s speed rapidly.
  • Cost effective – Due to PHP hosting’s open source nature, it is more economical than others. It also allows for collaboration while continuing to give you complete control over your PHP environment.

As you can see there are many advantages to choosing a PHP hosting solution for your website needs. PHP hosting can produce winning designs, smooth operation, fast downloading, ease of use, and reliability. Leopard Host is a reliable, support driven PHP hosting solution that offers all the benefits of open source hosting, along with providing many different end user PHP versions. For any additional information, please feel free to contact us and our friendly support staff will be there 24/7 to help.

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Ssh! SSH Web Hosting Keeps your Data Secure

Ssh! SSH Web Hosting Keeps your Data Secure

Businesswoman holding tablet pc entering password. Security conc

If you’re looking for a web host and your site will have records and information you want to keep secure, you’ll need a host that offers SSH web hosting. SSH stands for Secure Shell Hosting. It is an encryption protocol that allows secure connections such as:

  • between your customers and your Web server as they make payments
  • between you and the unprotected Internet

Nowadays, nearly all hosting providers, including optimized Linux-based servers, use SSH as a standard part of their hosting packages. SSH has become an essential part of modern commerce on the Internet. It is a Linux-native protocol that essentially provides security keys both on the server and the client. With many eCommerce solutions, as a client logs in, the server compares keys. If the keys match, the SSH protocol encrypts the connection and allows the client to log in.

Aside from eCommerce protection, SSH is commonly used to:

  • execute commands on remote servers
  • allow high-security, encrypted browsing
  • provide authentication for users on a Virtual Private Network (VPN)

For a VPN, the SSH protocol is especially useful and secure for remote access to sensitive and “off-limits” areas of a website or network. SSH also protects networks from hacker attacks such as IP and DNS spoofing – i.e., impersonating another system or identity.

Even if an attacker manages to log in and take over a network, the intrusion can only result in a forced disconnect. The hacker cannot hijack the connection if encryption is enabled. Likewise, when using the SSH slogin – a Unix command that opens the SSH client protocol – the entire session, including the transmission of the password, is encrypted.

Using the SSH protocol, it is nearly impossible for an outsider to steal passwords. Finally, the SSH protocol can be used across operating systems – Windows, Unix, Macintosh and OS/2.

Looking around for a “Web host with the most”? That would be us. In addition to SSH access, you get everything you need to get you going with a web presence seamlessly optimized for WordPress hosting for less than four bucks a month. Contact us and we’ll get your account set up for you in about 30 minutes.

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Three Things About Blog Hosting You Should Know Before You Buy

Three Things About Blog Hosting You Should Know Before You Buy

My blog

So, you think you can be a blogger? We are sure you can, but blogging isn’t as simple as simply writing up some posts and sending them off into the ether. In order to be a successful blogger, you’ll need to do your research, find your target audience, and find the right host for your blog. If you’re considering blog hosting, then you’ll want to make sure you know these three things:

  • Social Media Tie-ins Will be Important 

Ten years ago you could simply blog to your hearts content. You could easily garner readers, and the blogging competition was relatively light. That’s not the case anymore. When you search around for blog hosting, you’ll want to look for a host that makes it easy to tie-in social media. Your Twitter Feed, for example, should be easily imported without much fuss. Social media is a behemoth on the internet, and for a blogger looking to make their blog a career, tying in social media will be a necessity. Search for a host that makes that goal as easy as possible.

  • Security Should be a Top Priority 

When you look for a place to host your blog, you’ll run across a lot of different options. You’ll find free hosting sites, and blogging sites that throw you into a pool with other bloggers. That’s fine for a personal blog, or for pictures of your kids and crafts. If you plan on growing your blog, and you are looking to become a professional blogger, you’ll want to invest in blog hosting with good security, or one that allows security plugins. Blogs get hacked, that’s a fact of life. What you’ll want to look for is a host that understands those risks, and helps you, the blogger, minimize them. 

  • Your Domain Name is Important 

The domain name of your blog is it’s calling card. In order for your blog to be easy to remember, and thus, revisited, your goal should be to keep your domain simple. Utilize a domain ending people know, and can easily use. .Coms remain the most popular domains, but there are others out there, too. .Org domains are popular with the blogging community, too. More important than that, is the actual name. Pick something that is unique and easy to remember.

To talk more about this, or anything else, please Contact Us. Thanks.

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Unlimited hosting for unlimited growth

Unlimited hosting for unlimited growth

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Your business is your pride and joy, and represents a lifetime of dreaming, planning, investing, and finally seeing your vision come to life. The next step is getting a slick online storefront with a unique domain. The growth potential for your web-based business is unlimited, and the company that you choose to host your website shouldn’t be any different.

First, you want your .com to represent what you do and who you are. Did you know that most shared hosting services put a one year limit on your domain – if it’s even available? LeopardHost, on the other hand, secures your online presence for life: no annual renewal fees and no expiration for your unique location.

Second, you need a hosting service that is user friendly. Your job is running a great business, not learning the nuances of HTML. Surprisingly, a lot of hosts recommend that you are versed in the basics of writing code – which is enough to deter many users right off the bat. With LeopardHost, you have over 500 templates to choose from, with built in customization to get exactly the look and functionality that you need. Our Sitebuilder is so user friendly, your new website will be up and running in 30 minutes or less, guaranteed.

Finally, and most importantly, you need space to grow. That’s where LeopardHost’s unlimited hosting is unparalleled. What is unlimited? For $3.95/month, you get unlimited storage which allows you to add as many pages, categories and menus as you need. You also get unlimited file transfers and web application installations that are instantly compatible with every major web application out there – no fancy codes needed. And, when you have a question, LeopardHost proudly offers unlimited expert support.

While other web-hosting services charge start-up fees and have tiered rates based on your growing traffic and bandwidth requirements, LeopardHost sticks to the one, simple and competitive rate of $3.95 a month for all your web hosting needs. LeopardHost unlimited hosting is the shared hosting service for unlimited growth potential.

Don’t limit your dreams, contact us and go unlimited with LeopardHost today!

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Three Web Hosting Myths Everyone Seems to Believe

Three Web Hosting Myths Everyone Seems to Believe

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There is a lot of information about web hosting floating around on the internet. Just like any other information found on the net, not everything you see is true, though. We’ve collected three of the most commonly believed web hosting myths and cracked them wide open.

  • Myth #1: Free web hosting is fine for a first-time site. 

This might be true, if you are planning to create a simple, personal web page for your own amusement, but if your website is business or service oriented free is not the way to go. There are large reliability issues with free web hosting, and there is a limit to the amount of bandwidth you can use, most of the time. If your site becomes popular, this can lead to crashes and exceeding of bandwidth. There is also the issue that nothing is actually “free”. In exchange for free hosting, you’ll likely have ads on your page for the hosting company. This can look intrusive and rudimentary, especially for a business-oriented website. Remember you get what you pay for, or, in this case, didn’t pay for.

  • Myth #2 : Any bad reviews for a host is bad news, and you should avoid them. 

In the age of the internet, a lot of people review products and services; not all of those reviews are going to be good. Just because a host has one or two bad reviews, doesn’t mean the host itself is a problem. You’ll want to look for a host that has a high satisfaction rate, but a few bad reviews aren’t the end of the world. Just think about it, you favorite restaurant or clothing store surely has people that don’t care for it. Web hosting is just like any other business; you can’t satisfy all of the people, all of the time. Look for a web host that satisfies most of the people, all of the time, and you’ll be fine.

  • Myth #3: You need hosting experience to manage a website. 

That’s what people who manage websites for a living want you to think. It simply is no longer the case. Friendly cPanels and a plethora of information about managing and hosting a website available on the web, make it easy enough to learn the ropes. Remember, there is a learning curve, and it will take time to get things right, but you can absolutely manage a website on your own. After all, those people who are experts were novices at some point, too. Don’t be afraid to learn as you go.

To talk more about this, or anything else, please Contact Us. Thanks.

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Caution: Domain Registration Fails

Caution: Domain Registration Fails

Web Design

The time has come to create your own space on the World Wide Web. You want to set up your website for your business. Fantastic. But consider carefully when making the decision on your domain registration. A domain name can make or break a business, as some businesses discovered too late. The wrong domain name can leave people wondering what you were thinking, like when David named his child Zowie Bowie or Nicolas Cage named his kid Kal-El. The right domain name should represent your business and allow your website to hold its head up high on the Internet. Here are some suggestions on picking the right domain name.

Make It Easy to Type – While the name may be the real name of a Welsh town, perhaps they could have made a better choice. Using slang, confusing spellings, or a lot of symbols in your domain name can almost guarantee that no one will ever find it.

Using Keywords – Using keywords in your domain name may return better search results. Especially if your business is in a competitive market. Using keywords that directly relate to what you do, such as acupuncture or medical supplies can help customers find you. However, be sure to avoid being too specific. A domain name like may be a bit too specific.

Name Your Brand – Tying your brand name into your domain name is a great way to be found, build brand recognition, and improve search engine results. However, much like naming your kid, you have to see how it looks in writing. What may seem like a good idea at first can be a disaster later. Take for example the Bitef Art Cafe who ended up with or perhaps the business Speed of Art who ended up with Take heed, look at your domain name from all angles before selecting it.

Be Catchy and Memorable – Choosing a domain name that will be remembered and recognized is a good rule of thumb. However, you want to be remembered for being a good business – not for a domain name that went sadly wrong. A lesson that IHA Vegas Holiday Rentals learned with and Therapist Finder with both learned.

Finding the right domain name can be fun and show your personality for your business. However, caution should be taken before making your selection. Much like your name, you may be stuck with it until your business turns 18, or can afford to change it. For help with selecting a smart domain name and other website hosting help, contact us. We help you get your website up and running with ease. However, we will not be held responsible if you name your website

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Why Secure Web Hosting is Essential for Every Website

Why Secure Web Hosting is Essential for Every Website

Information Technology Concept

It is well known how essential secure web hosting is for e-commerce and other websites with sensitive information. But not everyone knows how important security is for personal websites and blogs as well.

Lack of proper security can result in a devastating loss of income for a business, and identity theft for anyone. When choosing a web hosting provider, it is important to understand the aspects of security you will need, and ensure that your web hosting company will adequately provide them.

Security is a Growing Problem

More business than ever is being conducted online. Billions of dollars are sent over the internet, along with sensitive information such as credit card and bank account numbers. Criminals constantly look for opportunities to exploit systems and steal information they can use for illicit gain.

Even seemingly harmless personal information, such as names, addresses and phone numbers can be used for dishonest purposes if they fall into the wrong hands. For example, if someone steals your identity and uses it to borrow money, rent a house or something else and then skips town, it can cause considerable damage to your credit rating and personal image.

Two Types of Bad Guys

There are basically two types of people who are up to no good when it comes to your website:

  • Information and Identity Thieves. These are the most common and threatening people from whom you need to protect your site. They look for opportunities to gather your information for personal gain. Operating in a stealthy capacity, they try to go unnoticed as long as they can, while gathering information on as many victims as they can.
  • Hackers. These people want to harm your site rather than seal from you. Many hackers are simply looking for ways to disrupt your site, either for some nefarious purpose or just to prove that they can. Whatever the reason for the attack may be, it can cripple your site and result in extensive downtime and lost revenues. Hackers don’t normally stick around. They will hit your site and run, often leaving digital graffiti to show they had been there.

Security Measures to Consider

Most web hosting providers understand the need for security and have taken steps to protect their customers. The two main areas to think about when it comes to security are your website and your hosting company. Before your website can be protected, your host must ensure a secure environment for their servers. They should then offer the necessary tools needed to ensure security for your site and its functionality. understands your security needs and provides the tools needed to protect your website from harm. Among the security measures we provide are POP3 and IMAP email security, SSH Access (Secure Shell Access), and SSL secured e-commerce sites. Our servers are protected 24/7 with robust security monitoring. Daily server backups are performed to further protect everyone’s data. Contact us for more information about our secure web hosting services, and how we work to secure your website.

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Top 3 Benefits of US-Based Hosting Companies

Top 3 Benefits of US-Based Hosting Companies

3d rendering of a server room with black servers

International business is more than a growing trend. For a lot of companies, the varying rates of labor and technology and resources that are available in different parts of the world can make it strategically necessary to work with overseas contractors. But not for web hosting. There are plenty of reasons that companies in the US should stick with hosting companies in the US.  Here are just a few:

Easy Tech Support Conversations

The LeopardHost tech support call center is based in the US.  This means that you won’t have to strain to understand potentially complicated instructions through difficult international accents.  It also means that the person you’re speaking to won’t have trouble understanding your problem.  Additionally, it means that you know you’re supporting a company whose staff are in a safe environment and are fairly compensated for their work.

Secure Infrastructure

Knowing that the servers where your site is operated are in a physically safe environment is important.  After Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans in 2005, a lot of web hosting clients lost their entire site because there were no mirrors and no offsite backups.  A local backup of your site is still your responsibility, but Katrina taught us all a lot of lessons. When Hurricane Sandy struck the coast of New York, US web hosting companies were ready and the data loss was minimal. Is there any way of knowing how secure the foreign hosting companies are? And natural disasters are only one threat. Acts of terrorism and hacking attempts can also result in a loss of data.

Protective Regulations

In the US, your private information is protected by user agreements and other contracts. We have a legal system that honors the bindings of contracts and will protect your interests when they have been violated.  Issues of copyright infringement, site cloning, content scraping and trademark violations aren’t taken lightly in US courts.  When you’re using an overseas company to host your domain, you may not be eligible for the same legal protection.

Here at LeopardHost, we take your business seriously and work professionally and respectfully to provide you with a hosting plan that meets your needs. Contact us for more information or to learn how to get started today.

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